My goal is to breed healthy and friendly pet hedgehogs that become spikey family members.

Pets only

I sell my animals as pets and not for breeding purposes. I breed pedigreed animals that I purchase from other breeders and retain babies from my herd for future generations. I track pedigree information but do not provide that info with my babies when they go to new homes. On occasion I will sell animals for breeding purposes to other breeders that I have an established relationship with but I do not support ‘back-yard’ breeding. I am a USDA licensed breeder and will generally only sell breeding animals to other experienced USDA licensed breeders.

Health Guarantees

I only sell hedgehogs that I have deemed to be in good health. All of my babies come with a 30-day general health guarantee contingent upon following my Go-home Instructions provided to you when you take your hedgehog home. If you provide the animal with the recommended diet and environment and the animal becomes ill, I ask that you return the animal to me so that I can assess whether it is in need of vet care. If I determine that it needs to see a vet, then I will bring it to my vet for treatment. If I bring the animal to the vet, then I would be responsible for the vet’s bill. Following treatment, I may either return the hedgehog to you or give you the opportunity to adopt another available baby from the current or future litter(s). If you take the animal to the vet, you are responsible for any treatment or care that you consent to.

I offer a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS). This disease is a neurodegenerative disesase thought to be genetically passed down. I track pedigrees in an effort to avoid WHS in my breeding lines. In the event that the animal develops WHS and you have that confirmed by necropcy (following the animal’s death) I will replace it with another baby. You would be responsible for fees incured as a result of vet care and the subsequent necropcy.


In the event that you have a hedgehog that you purchased from me and later decide that he or she is not the right fit for your family, I ask that prior to rehoming it with someone else that I have the first opportunity to take it back. If it will still fit into my breeding program, most likely I will retain it from then on for breeding. Occasionally I will find it another suitable home. Most people understand that I am the best qualified to either take care of it or find it a good home and will give it back to me free of charge. If this is difficult for you financially and you need to recover some of the cost of the animal I will generally offer a fair price based on the price that you paid for the animal (and associated supplies) based on age and temperament and what you would likely be able to sell the animal for elsewhere. If you purchased the starter kit from me with your hedgehog then I will also buy back the supplies at a price for used supplies.

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