Health Guarantees

All animals sold by Hedgehogs Northwest come with a 30 day health guarantee.  If your animal is sick you can return it to Hedgehogs Northwest for treatment.  Hedgehogs Northwest will determine if it needs to be seen by a vet and if it does, then they will take it to their vet for treatment (Dr. Evelyn Wilson at Advance Care Animal Clinic).  Depending on the diagnosis, Hedgehogs Northwest will be liable for any vet bills if the condition was something that the animal had when it left HNW.  If the condition was the result of the new environment, you will be responsible for treatment costs.  You may take the animal to your family vet as well but then you will be responsible for any associated costs of care.  Hedgehogs Northwest does require that during the 30 day period, you do not use any other bedding besides Carefresh Ultra and only feed any food(s) recommended by HNW.  If you choose to switch bedding and/or food during the trial period and this results in the animal getting sick, you will be liable for all costs.

All animals sold by HNW come with a lifetime guarantee against WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome).  If you suspect that an animal has WHS and you have this confirmed by necropsy as the cause of premature death by a licensed vet following the animal passing away, HNW will replace the animal with a new baby.  Keep in mind that necropsy reports are expensive and you will be responsible for the costs of the vet's report.


This is handled on a case by case basis.  I would prefer that if you are no longer able to care for your hedgehog that you return it to me rather than selling it or giving it away to someone else.  I generally offer fair compensation for the animal's return (market value for the animal if you were to sell it on Craigslist) depending on age and temperament of the animal.  Most animals that are returned stay at HNW for the remainder of their lives but in some cases, I find new homes for them.  If you have purchased a starter kit with the animal, I also ask that these supplies be returned with the animal so that it has a comfortable place to live once back at my house.  I also offer fair compensation for the supplies (considering that they are open and no longer worth their full retail value).

Hedgehog Sitting

I offer lifetime support of any animals that I sell and this includes hedgehog sitting when you are on vacation.  Inquire for more information and availability.  Prices vary depending on length of trip, whether you supply food and bedding for your hedgehog while you are away, etc.