Hedgehogs Northwest Starter Kit

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Super Pet My First Home Large         $54.99                 $74.99 (at Petco)

Available in Black, Blue or Purple

Kaytee 12" Silent Spinner Wheel       $29.99                $37.99 (at Petco)

  Available in Red, Green, Blue or Purple
*email for colors available

Kaytee 12" Igloo                                    $6.99                   $7.99 (at Petco)

  Available in Pink, Blue, Green or Purple
*email for colors available

Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding 23L        $14.99               $16.99 (at Petco)

Lixit 8oz. Aquarium Water Bottle          $3.99               $5.49 (at Petsmart)

TWO 3oz. Ceramic Crock Food Dishes   $2.49ea               $3.99ea (at Petsmart)

Select Diet Premium Hedgehog Food   $32.99                                    $36.45**

  5lb. food is typically about 6 months' supply for one hedgehog depending on how much they spill and waste

Flukers 8.5" Clamp Heat Lamp              $14.99                       $16.99(at Petco)

ZooMed 100W Ceramic Heat Emitter     $29.99                         $39.99(at Petco)

ZooMed High Range Thermometer     $3.99                         $3.99(at Petco)

 Zoo Med's Can O'Worms                       $3.99                           $4.99(at Petco)

 Sub Total                                       $201.98                           $254.38

Total w/Tax                                    $221.06                           $278.55

including tax - over 20% Savings

Starter Kit Price         $185                           not offered

Tax is only included when purchasing the entire starter kit. Prices of items sold individually will have an additional tax charge.

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**This is the price from www.exclusivelyhedgehogs.com including tax and the average cost of shipping to the Seattle Area.
Information about the food included in the starter kit:
5 lb. bag Select Diet - The very best
Food for your African Pygmy Hedgehog
Guaranteed analysis:
Crude protein, not less than...34%
Crude fat, not less than...........20%
Crude fiber, not less than.........4%
Animal protein and fat (preserved); cereal products; molasses; phosphoric acid; vegetable fat; salt; dbiotin;
vitamin E; iron; copper sulfate; minerals; niacin; vitamins B-12, B-6, B-5, A, D-3 and K;
calcium pantothenate; cobalt; folic acid; selenium. Propionic acid added as a preservative.
Select Diet is a complete, nutritious food specially formulated for your Hedgehogs - you don't need  any supplements. It's safe for their teeth and will not wear them down like hard, dry cat food can.  More palatable to hedgehogs than other Hedgehog foods - even overly picky eaters like it.