Welcome!  Thanks for visiting our booth at the Reptile Expo!
Hedgehog $200 (includes first bag of food and a carrier)

Starter kit $150
(includes cage, wheel, heat lamp, CHE bulb, two food dishes, water bottle, 23L Carefresh Ultra, cooked in a can meal worms, igloo, thermometer, two sleeping bags)

5lb Select Diet Food $30

Sleeping bag(s)

Igloo $6.49

How many?

8.5" Heat Lamp $12.99

100W CHE Bulb $29.99

10" Heat Lamp $14.99

150W CHE bulb $32.99

Cooked in a can Mealworms $4.99

MFH Large Cage $49.99

12" Silent Wheel $27.99

Thermometer $3.99

23L Carefresh Ultra $13.99

Small Carrier $12.99

Hedgehog Eraser(s)

How many?

Water Bottle $3.99

Food Dish $1.99

Baby hedgehog deposit $53
($50 applied to hedgehog purchase)