Welcome to Hedgehogs Northwest!

Hedgehogs Northwest is a small home based USDA licensed hedgehog breeder located about 25 miles north of Seattle in Everett, WA.  If distance is an issue for you, while we do not ship our animals, we are sometimes able to meet people at a location that is mutually convenient.

Our Story:

My name is Krissy and I have been a hedgehog enthusiast since we had our first hedgehogs in our family in about 1996.  Our first hedgehogs belonged to my sister and thier names were Spike and Thistle.  She bought Spike and Thistle at a pet store when hedgies were first popular as pets and from that point on, we knew that hedgehogs were special pets and would always be an important part of our lives.  We had Spike and Thistle for their whole lives and Thistle had one litter of babies that we found homes for with friends and family. 

Following Spike and Thistle's departure from our lives, we had many other pets including dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, mice, chinchillas, sugar gliders, a turtle, fish, etc. but there was always a hedgehog shaped hole in our hearts and so we knew that at some point, we would want hedgehogs again.

We bought George and Sophie in 2006 and after learning that hedgehogs were quite popular, sought after and hard to find that we could embark on breeding them until they became less popular again. 

Since 2006, we have continued to grow the business and learned the best ways to care for the animals and established high quality breeding lines while continuing to love the animals and make sure that they are well cared for. 

My sister has left the business but I continue to do all that I can to provide people with healthy, friendly and adorable pets.

I also work full time in brain research so if I am slow to respond to you, I am sorry but the hedgehog business is a side business apart from my full time job and chances are that if I have not responded to email, that's because I spend the limited amount of hedgehog time that I have making sure that the animals are well taken care of so that you can get a healthy and friendly pet.